Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Update: FFP's Post Hurricane Matthew Help

Thanks to your generous donations, relief efforts have started. The FFP Haiti staff bought food, packaged it and delivered it to the hungry in Descloches and Kwa Kok. 

The southern and western coasts of Haiti were the hardest hit by Hurricane Matthew, but people in other areas of Haiti are also desperate for help. According to the October 11 data, 2,000,000 Haitians were affected by Hurricane Matthew. The Mayor of Ganthier says 1,900 families in the area are desperate for help. 80% of gardens were washed away, 40% of livestock disappeared. About 200 homes were destroyed and over 1,300 were damaged. Belongings that do remain are covered in mud.

FFP staff has been doing needs assessments in the small villages in the Ganthier province. Thanks to their commitment and your donations, the critical help has started! We've distributed food and clean water, helped with clean up, and we're planning relief trips in the coming weeks to help with the clean-up, rebuilding and re-planting. Your donations are making a difference!

Feeding the Hungry
176 families received food in Ganthier. FFP staff purchased, packaged and distributed food in several villages. When they received the rice and beans, recipients sang for joy and praised God. FFP will feed people again this week in addition to providing clean water and other necessities.

Stopping the Spread of Cholera 
Last weekend, FFP's Haiti and DR staffs came together to work with our partner, Water @ Work. Kristin Hamner brought emergency water systems from the DR and Brandon Harper (W@W) trained Michel Valentin and our Haiti staff members to use this water system. The team purified and distributed clean water to so many. YOUR donations made this possible ... and thanks to you, the people in Ganthier are drinking safe, clean, disease-free water. We will continue to bring this water purification system to communities in the Ganthier region--including some that can only be reached on foot.

Helping to Rebuild
FFP staff helped residents dig out mud and debris from flooded homes, and they'll continue to do this. Beyond providing acute aid now, DR and Haiti staff are making plans to repair roofs and houses, replant crops, and build culverts and berms to divert water.

Relief Trips are Being Planned
Haiti needs your help. There's still space available!
  • Haiti: Nov. 5 - 12, FFP Relief Trip: No Specific Skills Required (airfare plus $885) 
  • Haiti: Dec. 3 - 10, FFP Nursing/Medical Trip (airfare plus $885) 
  • Haiti: Dec. 12 - 18, FFP Relief Trip: No Specific Skills Required (airfare plus $815) 

Click here to sign up for a trip.

Please keep praying! And if you haven't made a donation, will you consider doing so?

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